An example of how you can manage multiple GCP environments with Terraform Cloud

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If you are working on a small project, chances are that you do not want to stand up a complicated CI/CD pipeline. That being said, you probably still the need to put in place a simple workflow that allows you to deploy your infrastructure resources on at least two environments: development and production. For this purpose, I like to use Terraform Cloud and here I’ll show you how.

GCP Project Objective and Terraform Setup

We will create a simple GCP project that includes 3 GCS storage buckets: landing, raw and curated. These buckets will be the foundation of an hypothetical Data Lake.

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As this is a small project, I like to create only Dev and Prod environments as a QA environment will unnecessarily increase complexity. There are two philosophies when it comes to structuring a Terraform project that has to manage multiple…


Marco Marulli

Cloud Solutions Architect, Google Cloud Certified, Terraform Certified and Angular enthusiast

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